Grande Creek Kennel
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Welcome to Grande Creek Kennel where our passion is gun dogs! We breed Labrador Retrievers specifically to enhance the breed's natural proficiencies as "hunter's" best friend! They are naturally man's best friend!

Our mission is to enhance the breed's natural talents with our breeding program. We strive to produce the highest quality puppies we can. We are a small kennel, located in southeast Georgia, concentrating on Labrador Retrievers so quantity is not a concern. We strive to breed for healthy, intelligent, and highly trainable pups that will provide our customer's a lifetime companion both in the field and at home.

We offer yellow, black, and chocolate puppies as available and, because quantities are limited, we take deposits to ensure our customer's their pick. Our puppies are socialized early and this continues to be a priority until they are placed with their new family. We introduce birds at an early age and our adult dogs are versatile and accomplished quail, pheasant, dove, and duck hunters! They are also great companions and are allowed in our home often, as they are our pets and we love being with them as much as they love being with us! Labs are sporting dogs and ours are a testimony to their breed - they love to hunt!!! When the camo comes out they are ready to go!
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